For its 14th Edition, FORWARD will once again provide a most indispensable viable platform for all players in the economic arena to share their ideas and coordinate their actions.

FORWARD will take place at BIEL – Beirut.

As in all its previous editions, FORWARD  will bring together the Lebanese workforce with more than 200 local, regional and multinational leading companies, recruitment agencies, associations, professional orders, higher educational institutions, training and cultural centers and many others.

Moreover, the success of the 3rd  Edition of BUSINESS, the Business Opportunities, Services & Supplies Forum, held alongside FORWARD 13th edition, proved to be the newest most promising vigorous business venue in the Middle East and enriched FORWARD by attracting a whole new category of decision makers eager to know all about the latest happenings and offerings in the business world.

BUSINESS Forum offers an ideal business platform for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, inventors, investors and professional advisors to exchange services, ideas, advice and investment opportunities.

The simultaneous occurrence of FORWARD  & BUSINESS  will surely maximize both fairs benefits and exposure by giving each a broader dimension as they are complementary and closely interrelated.

Being part of one of these two fairs while still enjoying some of the benefits of the other is a unique chance not to be missed!